What is an open space?

Open Spaces are self-organizing gatherings around a topic. People interested in the topic get together, share experiences, ask questions, and potentially organize future activities.

Examples of Open Spaces topics

  • Python for IoT (e.g. Raspberry Pi, MicroPython)
  • Devops
  • Data visualization
  • Natural language processing and generation
  • Chatbots
  • Framework specific Open Spaces (e.g. Django, Flask, TensorFlow, SciPy)

How do I organize an open space?

  • Decide on a topic.
  • Find an unused open space slot in the schedule.
  • E-mail team@za.pycon.org with your open space topic and preferred schedule slot(s).
  • Wait to be assigned a slot.
  • Conference organizers will announce open spaces so conference attendees know about them, but it doesn't hurt to also spread the word yourself.
  • Show up at open spaces room and talk about your topic with others who share your interest!

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