Financial Aid

Financial assistance is provided to those who might otherwise not be able to attend PyConZA. It is decided upon using the following criteria:

  1. Attendees with accepted talks, especially keynote addresses
  2. Attendees from South Africa and elsewhere in Africa (especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds)
  3. Attendees helping at the conference

Our final decision is guided by a points system and depends on sponsorship. If you or someone you know are keen to be a patron of PyConZA by providing some financial assistance, please contact the PyConZA funding committee (

How it works

When you apply, you have to furnish a budget laying out all details of the proposed trip and associated costs. Indicate on the budget which portion of your budget you will fund yourself, and what you require from us. An application should contain a motivation stating why we should fund you.

If your request for funding is successful, it means we will commit to funding a fixed amount. You are then responsible for making all bookings. Upon arrival, we will refund you in cash, provided you can furnish proof of your expenses.


  • 2019 April 16: Financial aid application opens.
  • 2019 August 14: Financial aid application closes on 23:59:59 GMT+2 on 14 August.
  • 2019 August 21: Financial aid grants awarded.
  • 2019 August 28: Deadline to respond to accept/decline financial aid.

How to apply

Applications have closed for 2019.